Reaching Out

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I have noticed lately that a lot of the old PSP tutorial writers, scrap kit makers and various other creators have given up on their sites.

I can understand the need to make room for new things, or just not having the time to maintain a blog or site anymore, or just the lack of funds to do so (for those who were paying to do so). So I am making this offer to anyone who would like to take me up on it. If you would like me to host your pages and files on my site, I will do so. You just need to contact me.

I am doing this for many reasons, the biggest being, I hate seeing the resources that were once available and used in tutorials being lost and no longer available. These creations are all a piece of history, and have taught many people new and creative things.

Each person that wants me to host their items will get their own subdomain, and they don't have to do anything other than point me to their files or send me the files they need hosted. In an email, make sure that you state clearly that you are giving me permission to host your items. I do not and will not claim anything as my own, ever.

You can contact me by email at miss.luvz[@] or on yahoo messenger (missluvz05).

Please don't let your hard work fall into the ether. There are so many wonderful things out there that it would be a shame to lose it all no matter what the reason!

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